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Indoor Cycling & Classes


Indoor Cycling


Monthly Unlimited with 6 month auto-renew contract... $67 BUY  

Month to Month Unlimited with NO contract... $81 BUY

Ride as many times a day and as many times a week as you choose for $67 per month or $81 per month. This option is currently not available via the mindbody app but you can purchase this option on our website (click "buy" then look for "unlimited rides" at the top of the screen on the right side) or in person at the SKY studio. Please make sure to review the cancellation policy. 

Please note the monthly unlimited rides can only be used by one person, unlike the PACKAGES. If you purchase a PACKAGE series you can share your package with multiple people living in your home.   





Cost Per Ride


First ride - Free $0 $0 2 weeks buy
Adult walk-In $17 $17 2 weeks buy
5 Ride Package $70 $14 ($15 savings) 2 months buy
10 Ride Package $115 $11.50 ($55 savings) 4 months buy
20 Ride Package $195 $9.75 ($145 savings) 6 months buy
30 Ride Package $285 $9.50 ($225 savings) 8 months buy
50 Ride Package $425 $8.50 ($425 savings) 10 months buy


All participants age 55+ receive 10% off of all packages. Please provide a copy of your drivers license upon first free visit to the studio.


Personal Training 

Just you and your Trainer: (all sessions are 60 minutes) BUY 

Private Training Packages  Price  Cost Per Session 
1 session $60 $60
5 sessions  $250 $50
10 sessions $450 $45
15 sessions $600 $40

Must call or email to purchase. 

When training one on one there is no penalty for cancelling or rescheduling a session.

Train with a friend

Packages for 2 people Price Cost Per Session 
1 session $40 each  $40
5 sessions $175 each $35
10 sessions $275 each  $27.50
15 sessions $350 each $23.33

When training with a friend...If one of you can not make it to the session but the other party can attend then the person who is unable to attend will lose that session unless both parties decide to reschedule. If both parties reschedule than a session will not be lost. 


Our training is different than most.  This is training without limits, fueled by the power of transformation and the promise of infinite potential. It's your body made stronger, your choices made smarter, your life lived better. We know that productivity doesn't end with the workday, fitness pushes past the walls of the gym and wellness doesn't come in a bottle.

There is nothing else like SKY training. We have a uniquely holistic approach.  We offer 100% private 60 minute training using simple but effective fitness equipment and your own body weight.

The result? When you change your behavior, you begin to function at a higher level across the board. Whatever it is you do, SKY wants to help you do it at your very best. You'll move, fuel and recharge every visit.

A training program is only as good as the people behind it. With SKY, you'll have a coach rather than a traditional trainer. Our skilled leaders are uniquely qualified to design programs that deliver not only results, but dramatic improvements in quality of life.