Sky Sport Fitness

Indoor Cycling & Classes


Get Started

Join a class by reserving here online! Call or text with questions: 812-250-9151. Walk-ins are ok but it does not guarantee you a spot in class if there is not a bike available.


You must purchase a SKY package or a single ride before you can reserve a spot in class. Remember though, your first class is always free and you will see that option in the check out.  


If you are unable to book a bike because the class is full, we highly recommend putting yourself on the waitlist. You will receive an email as well as a text if you make it off of the waitlist and onto a bike. You must purchase a class BEFORE you can reserve a spot on the waitlist. If you don't receive a bike in the desired class, the ride will be returned to your account to be used at a future date. When creating your account please make sure to add your cell phone to your account information so that we can text you if you make it into class. Make sure you respond "Y" or "N" as soon as you receive your text message.  If you respond "NO" you will NOT be charged a late cancel fee or lose the class.  If you do not respond at all then you will be added back to the bottom of the waitlist.  If you show up without responding "Y" then we can not guarantee that your bike will still be available.

Cancellation policy

At Sky Sport Fitness we have a 4-hour cancellation policy. Once you are confirmed in a class you must cancel at least 4 hours before class begins. You are able to cancel your reservation in the following ways:


Log into your account and choose "cancel" next to the class that you wish to cancel.                                                   

By using the App

Download the Mindbody App on your smartphone and you can cancel or reschedule your class. 

  • Please note cancelation via voicemail will not be acceptable. 
  • There is no penalty for cancellations unless the cancelation is made within 4 hours of class start time. If the cancellation is made within 4 hours of class time you will be charged $5.
  • If you do not cancel at all (this will be marked as a “no show/no cancel”) and you will be charged $10.
  • If you sign up to be on the waitlist and get into class but have since made other plans you will NOT be charged as long as you cancel even if it is past the 4 hour cut off.
  • If you make it into class you must respond to the automatic text so that you don't get pushed back onto the waitlist. PLEASE respond "Y" or "N" when you receive the text that you made it into class. 

The purpose of this is to ensure that those on the waitlist will make it into class if there is an open bike.

There are no exceptions.

Cycling shoes

SKY highly recommends that you wear cycling shoes that clip into the bike pedals. We find that clipping in provides a more stable, safer ride and also allows our riders to target the correct muscle groups. If you don’t have cycling shoes, no worries, you can wear your gym shoes but if you plan to continue with SKY we believe it will benefit you to purchase SPD-compatible cycling shoes. You will receive a discount if you mention SKY when buying your shoes from either The Bicycle Station or Columbus Cycle & Fitness. 

SKY Etiquette

To preserve the Sky experience, we have a few simple requests:

1. Text

No cell phones during the ride. If you are a doctor or are on call for work you can keep your phone with you but we ask that your dimmer is set to the lowest setting.  If there is a text or call you must respond to then we ask you leave the room to take care of it.  If you are not on call we ask that if you must have your phone with you that you keep it dimmed at the lowest setting and covered completely so that your notifications that light up your phone do not bother the riders around you.  Ideally we'd like you to part from your phone for 45 minutes.  

2. Kindness is cool

Respect the rider on your left and right - treat them the way you would like to be treated. There is a direct correlation between your energy and your neighbors ride. Uplift the people around you and show up on time.  Being on time is a part of being kind to the people around you.  Sometimes we are late and THAT IS OK!! However, getting on your bike late EVERY SINGLE TIME you ride is not cool.  It is disruptive.  Please be kind.  

3.  Laundry

We ride close together so we can feel each other's energy. That being said your neighbor does not want to feed off your odor. Spray deodorant is located in the SKY bathroom please use it freely if you smell the need.

4. Children

No children allowed in the building during class time unless they are 11 or older, 4'5 or taller and are participating in class. Children 11 and younger are not allowed to sit off a bike in the studio while waiting for their parents or guardian to finish a class.