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SKY Sport Fitness has really changed my life since April 2016.  I have always been a very active person, from Pilates, Spinning, Yoga and even playing Tennis.

But, when my family moved to Columbus 4 years ago, it was a very tuff transition for me.  I feel out of my exercise routine and felt terrible.  When my daughter told me about SKY, I said okay, but in the back of my mind I didn’t want to go.  There is something to be said about another person’s encouragement.  I am so thankful for my daughter pushing me to go.  Now, a year and ½ later I am so addicted to attending SKY!  My 1 day a week turned into 3 then 4 days and before I realized I was asking Christine if I could have personnel training.

Since I had my last child in 2005, I could never get rid of the last 20 pounds of baby weight.  Between spinning and personnel training by February of 2017 I had dropped 20 pounds and 2 dress sizes.   Christine has encouraged me in so many ways.  If it wasn’t for her I would have never overcome my fear to teach. I am so thankful to inspire other people to ride and let go of life’s baggage, spinning in the dark really alloy’s you to get into your own personnel workout.  That is what SKY can do for you.   

When I am not at SKY, I am a mom of 3 amazing young adults.  Our daughter is soon to graduate from Purdue, and our 2 boys are very busy, our middle son is a freshman, and our youngest is in 6th gr. they keep us extremely busy, between football and travel hockey.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.  -Amy Kushner 

I needed more than physical therapy to recover from a serious cervical spine injury. Personal training at SKY is exactly what the doctor ordered! My limitations are acknowledged and respected, yet I am challenged to push myself to strengthen my weaker limbs without causing further harm to my healing body. Thank you SKY trainers!-Jami Graham

I'm an avid runner, but was looking for something to do in addition to running to keep me going on some of my off days. Been to a few cycling classes before, but always struggled to maintain a regimen-however, not the case with Sky. Each session is so vastly different from the next, and I always leave not only feeling super accomplished from working out so hard, but also a much more positive person because the instructors are so upbeat, motivational, and inspiring. Would recommend to anyone and everyone!
-Brenny Jarrard

Participated in my first ride yesterday with Christine. She was very accommodating to new-comers, helped me set up my bike, answered questions, etc. The class was challenging but she was super motivating, and it ended up being a fantastic workout. I'll definitely be coming back. -Brittany Borella

I love Sky!! Ride in the dark,great music,and you get motivated. No judgment, No competition, and No negative thoughts. You can do this! These are some of the inspiring words Christine says to you during your ride. I often get tears in my eyes because she makes you feel like you are worth it and you matter!! She makes you want to work harder and push yourself because you do feel like "You Can Do This" -Sheonia Warnock

So excited I found out about this class and had enough courage to try it. Both instructors are incredibly motivating, leaving you feeling like a whole new person after class is done. I would recommend everyone try it out, even if it's not in your normal exercise routine. Love sweating and getting fit at sky! -Macy McCoy

LOVE Sky Sport Fitness! From the instructors you receive the best motivation, the music is always on "fleek", the lights are dim for a judge free zone feel, the feeling after defeat (aka- finishing class) is priceless. I'm so glad I started at Sky and can't wait to continue my mission. -Mara Williams

Sky Sport Fitness has a great atmosphere to it. I have been to four spin classes so far and plan to continue returning. Such a motivating class and the play lists are awesome! If your interested don't hesitate to try it out! -Bethany Hartzler

I can't say enough good things about this place. The instructors are high energy, extremely motivating and make each class so much fun! I leave feeling amazing and can't wait until my next class. Wish I could go everyday!! -Shelley Graham

We loving training with Brooke, and more recently tried one of Christine's classes. It was a blast, and I can't wait to get in for another class! -Jaime Rust

I absolutely love Sky Sport Fitness. Before I tried spin at Sky Sport I hated it. Now it's a must have in my week. Thanks!
-Kessha Fischer

Absolutely love spinning with Sky Sport Fitness! Great classes! -Holly Mendez

Love sky sport fitness, great music & environment! -Jean Raper

First time tonight and instantly loved it! I will be back and thankful I work in Columbus to be able to join in. I live in Indy and great for on my way home! Loved the atmosphere, vibe and class!First time tonight and instantly loved it! I will be back and thankful I work in Columbus to be able to join in. I live in Indy and great for on my way home! Loved the atmosphere, vibe and class! -Sarah Steuber

Christine is beyond amazing! The indoor cycling class was beyond any of my expectations! The class isn't "just" a class, you are left feeling EMPOWERED, ENERGETIC, and absolutely AWESOME! Never work out?!?That's okay! This class is for ANYONE, who wants to start the journey of becoming a better YOU! Before even starting you are given any/all information that you may need for the class! You aren't JUST A NUMBER in this class, you are a person whom Christine actually sees!
-Stephanie Scott

Awesome workout!! Incredibly motivational and left with the warm happy fuzzier!! Can't wait to go back!!!
-MaryAnn Frederick

Had so much fun and a great workout for people of all fitness levels! -Alexandrea Galloway

I have been to 3 Sky Sport Fitness spin classes so far and I can express how awesome and motivating that these classes are. It is nice to have another great fitness option to add variety to your weekly workouts!!!!!! Thank you Sky Fit!!
-April Johnson

Every single one of these instructors are amazing and each so unique with their rides! I recommend to try each and everyone out. Each ride I feel accomplished and I'm always happy with my experience. Thanks girls! -April Abney

I was really nervous to try a cycling class at SKY, but I am so glad I took the leap. Christine is so inspiring and I always leave class feeling strong and empowered. -Stephanie Studley

I've loved my rides at Sky! Motivating, uplifting , and always a great workout...another plus is the variety of music!!
-Traci Andresen

I love SKY Sport Fitness! Great workout, awesome spin bikes & Christine is very motivating. I always leave feeling I had a good workout. -Marci Sutton

I love Sky Sport Fitness. Since my whole hip replacement I haven't found anything I could do until now. Spinning has been the best ever for me. Christine and Ashton are both awesome instructors and very motivational!! -Jennifer Walls

Christine Nesci is amazing! She builds you up to feel strong & positive. I leave each class feeling confident I can take on my day & succeed. The class is in the dark with no judgment or competition, and the playlist always rocks!! -Megan Larson

I began Sky Sport Fitness after losing all self confidence and motivation. After a single ride with Christine I get accepted and encouraged to become a better me. Each ride gets better and better both physically and emotionally. I never walk out of Sky Sport without feeling better about myself. It truly is helping me through a time of great change in my life. -Lacey Tincher

I can't begin to express how much I love SKY. Not only do I get an amazing workout every single class I attend, but I always leave feeling energized and uplifted. Christine offers the most inspirational and positive fitness experience in Columbus. Before working out at SKY, I had made up my mind that workout classes were not my thing, but I just hadn't found the right class/studio! I actually enjoy working out and even get excited about coming to class at SKY. Every class is music driven and judgment free. I just can't say enough great things about this studio, the incredible workouts, and the instructors!
-Hillary Apple

Today was my first spinning class, and Christine eased my fears and made me feel right at home. She keeps motivating you to push yourself when you want to give up, and has created an awesome judgment-free zone. I will definitely be making a habit out of her spinning classes! -Lauren Cole

Best Spin Class around! Very motivating! Great instructors! -Kim Rayburn

I've been going to a weekly spin class for almost two months now, but today I went to SKY for the first time and I'm in love. I will highly recommend this place even after one visit because Christine is absolutely amazing! I don't remember the last time I felt so motivated and powerful during a workout. I will definitely be back! -Ashley Harrison

Great workout! Great instructor! Such a powerful motivator. I'm letting go of fear today! -Susan Meyers

Awesome workout & inspiring. Love Christine's spirit. Thank you! -Kelly Lee

It was definitely an amazing class.. I would recommend it to everyone!!! Love love love -Buffy Imel

Best spinning class ever!!! Seriously- I've taken my share of spinning classes, and Christine's class hits them out of the ballpark. I do not like 5:30am classes traditionally, but, her class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5:30, helps me set the pace for the rest of my day! Her music selection is always changing, and she never has the same class twice! It's also an environment for all levels of spinning- Whether you are a beginner, own your own shoes, or spin daily- all will find a place at Sky Sport. Christine is not only a fantastic spinning instructor, she also strives to make every class uplifting! It's good for the body and the soul!!
-Liz Worthington

Very motivating! Fun class and great music! I highly recommend it. -Lauren Kubat

I'm not a morning person, but I enjoy getting up Monday & Saturday morning and working my hardest with Christina. I enjoy how there is no judgment and she gives positive motivation through out the whole ride! Most of all I feel so much better about my self every time I leave, which leads me back every time for more. -Paris Phillips

I have never been so motivated in my life!! Love the spinning class now I can't wait to start personal training!
-Kenzie Ford

Wow! I may not be able to walk tomorrow, but I feel amazing! You WILL be motivated to finish YOUR RIDE!
-Sarah Scheidt

Hands down the best spinning class I've ever been to!! The owner makes you feel like a rockstar and you'll leave feeling stronger then ever. Highly recommend for all ages and levels of athleticism! -Ashton Setser

Fun atmosphere & Awesome instructor! Christine is encouraging & always gives you a new way to push yourself.
-Brandy Todd

Best spinning class ever! So motivating, inspirational, and a great workout! -Tori Anderson

A great class for any fitness level. Every class is different so it never gets old. It's a total body workout! I would recommend you try out Sky Sport Fitness if you haven't already. -Brandi Legge

Love spinning at Sky Sport, always so full of energy and motivation! There's never a class where I don't leave feeling empowered, strong and hitting my goals. Christine always makes you feel so welcomed and comfortable for your fitness level. These classes have helped my mindset just as much as my training. -Mary Hornaday

Sky Sport Fitness is amazing! By far the most motivating class I have ever taken! Love all 50 minutes of it!! -Kari Desnoyers

Absolutely amazing and empowering. My first time cycling and I'm hooked. I definitely recommend it. -Myra Mensendiek

I love going to spin class in the mornings. Christine has great energy and I like that she incorporates arms and obliques into the workout. The class wakes me up and makes me feel accomplished before heading to work. I like signing up for classes ahead of time. It keeps me accountable so i don't turn off my alarm clock and go back to sleep. There are a couple of empty bikes around me at the 5:30am class, so if you are reading this, come join me for a morning spin and a cup of coffee afterwards.
-Ginger McClellan

“Christine’s cycling class is more than simply exercise. It’s an uplifting experience, both physically and mentally. Throughout the class she says motivational things to keep her clients focused and helps them to live their lives to their fullest. I have NEVER loved exercise, even when I was involved in sports in high school and college. I can honestly say that I look forward to each and every class with Christine.” — Melissa Woods

“Christine has inspired me to further my education and to become the type of motivating healthy lifestyle coach, and friend to all of my students, that she is in Scottsburg. Her devotion to her studio and the impact it has had on her students and on the community has had a major influence in my own aspirations to own my own small studio sometime in the future.”
— Erica Boswell

“I want everyone to know how happy I am that Christine and Jon picked Scottsburg as the place to bring their boys and make it their home. One year ago I walked into Sky Sport Fitness to try a Spin class, not knowing it would be the best decision I ever made. I love the classes, the people, the atmosphere. It’s always a positive experience and Christine is the reason why. She always has a smile, positive words and new ideas. She has made me realize that you can reach your goals, you just need to keep going and never give up. I thought I was going to go just for the physical benefits (and they have been great ), but what I got was so much more. The positive attitude, inspiration and encouraging words, not to mention the friendships, are priceless. I can't think of anyone more deserving for this award. They are great for this community and I hope they have years of happiness and success here.” — Paige Shafer

“Going to Sky Sport Fitness has truly changed my life. Christine is very motivating and inspires you to do great things for yourself and those around you. I am a happier and healthier person with the motivation Christine has provided me. Everyone that comes to Sky and meets Christine gets inspired to do things they never expected to do. As Sky Sport Fitness grows you can see the impact she is having on our lives, as well as the community, as we are sharing it with others. Her inspiration has led me to get certified as an indoor cycling instructor and to start spreading the motivation and encouragement she has given me to others.”
— Tiffany Sandlin

“As a senior client at Sky Sport Fitness, I have benefitted greatly from Christine’s senior fitness classes. I encountered excruciating leg pain on a daily basis when my doctor suggested exercise to help relieve the pain. I found out about the senior fitness class and have been attending for several months. Christine is so wonderful at what she does. She makes you feel like you are capable of doing anything you want to do. My leg pain has been gone since shortly after I started classes at Sky….and I feel better. Christine is a wonderful person and I am so happy that she and her family have decided to locate in this community.”
— Jean McIntosh

“I am thankful that I can enjoy exercising! Never in my life have I enjoyed being sweaty and out of breath except for when I am at spin! Thank you for making me want to try to be healthier!”— Jaime Toppe

“I am thankful for the awesome classes you provide for us day in and day out, if you have bad days we never know it!! Thank you for being there for us and making our lives better and healthier!”— Delynn Rutherford

“There is no way to know the total advantage of Sky Sport Fitness until you experience it. It is truly life changing and no words can describe it!! And there is no other in the country like it. Trust me I am trying to find it as I travel so much for work!!”
— Susan Royalty

“I love spin!! Christine is such a wonderful motivator and caring person! I feel a change in me mentally and physically. I know it's because of her! She pushes you to do so much more than you could ever think you would be able to do! It's the best part of my week! I urge everyone to give Spin a try! Your first class is FREE!! It'll change your life!! =)”— Amanda Jones

“Love Sky Sport Fitness!! It is the most uplifting place!”— Kim Meagher

“Sky Sport Fitness with Christine Nesci is incredible! I have been spinning for over a year and I love it. Christine motivates you for sure. It is the best workout ever! No matter your shape or size, you can do it!! I have preexsisting chronic back pain and for me it’s the best exercise!”— Lori Croasdell

“Sky has made me stronger, very happy and fit. It also made my kids physically fit!!”— Julie Livesay

“I’ve been doing Spin class with Christine since September. I don’t know how I would have gotten through the last 6 months without her or Sky. The motivation, inspiration, cleansing of the mind and body, and the self worth you feel are some things I can not put into words. I now will find a way to keep spin as a part of my life regularly. Not only have I lost almost 20 pounds but my husband has seen such a change in me: mind and body, that he has also started taking classes. Christine is a true angel on earth and everyone should come experience Sky with her!”— Misty Dukes

“Sky Sport Fitness is truly a one of a kind place. Christine is a wonderful motivator and leader with her positive attitude and outgoing personality. She genuinely ants to help people change their lives through health and fitness of the mind, body and spirit. Spinning is so much fun and now I am purchasing my own bike through Christine and Sky. If you are seeking to make a change in your life don’t hesitate to try Sky Sport Fitness. I know you’ll love it!”— Lauren Raichel

“Christine has motivated an entire community to get healthy in body, mind and spirt. She doesn’t obsess over building her sinews-she genuinely wants everyone to simply work out where they are comfortable.”— Bobbie Foster