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Christine Nesci is the owner and creator of Sky Sport Fitness. SKY is truly the result of Christine Nesci’s passion for helping others learn how to live a fit and healthy life. In 2001 Christine started teaching every type of group fitness class and she fell in love with watching others transform through movement and education.

By 2003 she became an AFAA certified instructor and since that time she has managed to accumulate several multi fitness certifications including many SPIN/INDOOR CYCLING certifications. During this time, she became a wife and a mother, which posed new challenges and ways to live a fit and healthy life. She taught classes for nearly 10 years at some of the largest gyms in Chicago. She learned the latest trends in group fitness and she worked with many people at different fitness levels.

This experience has enabled Christine to help set goals for anyone looking to start a fitness program or take it to the next level.Christine has designed Sky Sport Fitness to be a place of respect for others and a place where people can relax and work hard both at the same time. Nesci's passion and gift is leading Indoor Cycling classes and she also does one-on-one private fitness training. This training is done off the bike for clients looking to add strength training to their routine. She has created a beautiful and relaxing environment where clients can feel refreshed and empowered.


Ashton Swegman started teaching at Sky Sport Fitness in March of 2016 and became a mom in September 2016! Ashton has been Spinning for years but after about a year riding at SKY she decided to go through Christine's training and certification process. She loves that since becoming a cycling instructor, not only does she push herself more, but she helps to push others to be the best version of themselves. She remained dedicated to the bike throughout her pregnancy because she believes Indoor Cycling is the best outlet for everyday stress! Ashton's classes are loaded with hills and sprints, so get ready to sweat with lots of Missy Elliot and techno jams fueling the workout! When Ashton is not at SKY you can find her at the women's clothing store, Minash Boutique, which she opened with her mom in 2014.





Hillary Apple is thrilled to be a part of the SKY team where she is able to combine her background in music with her longtime love of fitness by leading classes that inspire others to reach their life and fitness goals. She has a firm belief that working out should be challenging, but also fun. For this reason, she prides herself on creating playlists that have something for everyone and she is constantly searching for fresh beats to keep you motivated throughout your ride! You can expect Hillary’s musically driven classes to push you to your max as you sweat to a variety of pop hits, 90s/2000s throwbacks, country, techno and rap. In April of 2015 Hillary attended her first ride at SKY and was instantly hooked to the high-energy, uplifting workouts that helped her get in shape for her wedding. A year later, she got certified to teach and began leading classes at SKY in July. When Hillary is not spinning or scanning Spotify for new tunes, you can find her singing in her band Ruby and Joe.



Lauren joined Sky Sport Fitness in January of 2017 after a year of pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Through nutrition and exercise, she has lost over  60lbs and gained a new outlook on life. Lauren believes that fitness is the best path to a healthy body, mind, & spirit. When she isn’t at the studio, Lauren stays busy studying Marketing at IU or running trails with her German Shepherds. Hop on a bike with Lauren for 50 minutes of EDM, Pop/Rock, & Indie jams that are sure to push your limits & raise your spirits.






Rachel Monahan has a strong passion for fitness and considers her workouts the highlight of her day.  Her current interests include Indoor Cycling, Barre, Pilates and Weight Lifting.  Rachel has been attending Indoor Cycling classes at various studios since 2008.  When she took her first class at Sky Sport Fitness in September of 2015, she immediately knew that this place was different from the rest.  She has great respect for the positive environment Christine has built at Sky and wanted to be a part of it.  Rachel received her Cycling Instructor Certification in September of 2016 and started teaching at Sky shortly after.  She looks forward to helping people find the same passion for fitness she holds and assisting them in achieving their goals.  Growing up in Detroit, Rachel has been exposed to various music genres such as rock, hip hop and dance music.  She loves finding new music to use in her classes as well as including throwbacks from the 80’s and 90’s.  Her intention is to find the music that will inspire people to work harder and get a great workout.



Maddison McElroy took her first class at SKY in November 2015 & instantly fell in love with riding & the atmosphere at SKY.

She finds fulfillment in encouraging others to get moving & learn about nutrition. After falling in love with what SKY offers, she decided to get certified & go through Christine’s training to become a SKY Indoor Cycling Instructor. She is excited to take her passion for fitness & help others reach their own goals. You can expect a wide variety of music in her playlists from Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop & Today’s Hits. When she isn’t at SKY she is spending time with her family, at the gym, or meal prepping. Maddison has two children. She had her second child in December of 2014, and after struggling her whole life with a binge eating disorder she decided to change her lifestyle. She took control of her eating, and started prepping healthy meals after extensive research on how to properly fuel the body. She also found her love for fitness after she started weight lifting in June 2015. Over 18 months she lost 70 pounds, and has successfully kept the weight off with heathy eating and exercise.


Larry took his first ride at SKY in November 2016, when he was looking for an alternative to running during the winter months. He was immediately hooked! After Spinning for a few months, the opportunity came up to go through the training and certification process at SKY and Larry jumped at the chance.Larry was diagnosed with diabetes in 1996. Since then, he has been using exercise as a mainstay in his efforts to control his condition. Through this, he has developed a love for staying physically active and hopes to be able to inspire others to do so as well. Larry's playlists include high-energy rock songs that will get your heart pumping, as well as a variety of other music to keep you engaged and motivated.When he's not at SKY, he loves spending time with his family, and just about any outdoor activity.




Amy says that Sky Sport Fitness has changed her life!  She began taking classes in April of 2016 after her daughter encouraged her.  Amy had 20 stubborn pounds that no matter how active she was or how healthy she ate she could not drop.  She has always been very active and Spin classes combined with Personal Training helped her finally drop the 20lbs she had been holding onto since having her last child in 2005. 

Amy found so much joy Spinning that she decided to get  certified in Indoor Cycling so that she could share her passion with others!  When she is not at SKY you can find her spending time with her husband who she has been married to for 15 years and their 3  amazing children!  



Julia Blair is our most recent and she is killing it!!! Julia is a certified Life Coach and Health and Wellness Coach, and loves to help people step out of their comfort zone into a healthier, stronger self. She has always enjoyed being active, beginning with gymnastics as a child. Although extreme shyness kept her from ever competing as a gymnast, she found a love for tennis in her twenties, competing at state and regional competitions in USTA sanctioned tournaments. Now, Julia loves helping others find ways to carve time into their busy lives to take care of their health. She believes wellness includes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being, and all must be in balance. She is passionate about encouraging others into a lifelong healthy lifestyle. She understands the struggle with body image barriers, and wants to help others overcome the inner voices of "not good enough", "not thin enough", not good looking enough". Julia is a firm believer that we are created for a purpose, and taking care of our health is a great first step in successfully living out that purpose.